When I look at my parents I see extremely capable and ‘young at heart’ 70 year olds that would never require Eldercare .   It is very hard to imagine them ever needing help at home but I know that a time may come when this help will be needed.  But how do you start the conversation about Eldercare with your aging parents?  Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Consider when and how you want to bring up the conversation – When and how you start your conversation about Eldercare is more important than the actual words you use. Setting a loving and warm tone can ensure that the conversation goes smoothly. You want to be clear that you are discussing this because you love your aging parents and are sincerely concerned about them.
  2.  Start Early – As I tell my clients it is very important to have the conversation about aging at a time when your parents are healthy and can clearly communicate their wishes.  This is also a good time to adequately assess with them the costs associated with the different options.  For example, some aging parents in Canada would prefer to stay in their home and hire full or part time Eldercare while others prefer to be moved to a retirement home where they can be surrounded by their peers.
  3.  Involve your siblings – Creating a cohesive message among siblings is extremely important. Your parents need to know that all family members are involved in the planning and executing of hiring Eldercare caregivers.  There is a significant amount of management that will be needed and a clear plan as to how the tasks will be divided among siblings ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.
  4.  Seek professional help – At Tax4Nanny we help many families manage the payroll requirements for Eldercare caregivers. Our goal is to make the payroll process effortless.  This is extremely important when it comes to Eldercare because you will most likely not have daily contact with the caregiver.  By setting up the employee on a direct deposit system which can handle CRA remittances and Worksafety requirements we take the pressure off the family members so that they can enjoy the time they have with their parents.



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