Busy professionals have little time outside that which is allotted for their family and career. It can be difficult to schedule new appointments for matters, which you are experiencing for the first time, like nanny payroll tax.

Your average day simply cannot accommodate it!

Wake up at 5AM. Commute at 8AM. Work from 9AM-5PM (or later!). Catch up on extra work until 8PM or 9PM. Go to sleep at 10PM. Start the day again. Maybe you have a break planned where you surf the web for fifteen minutes or you watch highlights from your favorite television show or sports game.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

If it does, you are not alone. You are probably one of thousands of families busy professionals, who experience this type of lifestyle day after day for years on end. In order to keep this schedule, you probably set appointments weeks, or even months, in advance.

Paying nanny taxes is such an issue. If you have never hired a nanny before, you have never had the need to pay nanny tax, or to go to a tax professional with questions about nanny tax.

The Main Benefit of Nanny Payroll Tax Services

The biggest benefit of using a payroll service company to process your nanny payroll is to take it off your to do list!

Other benefits include:

  • Ensuring payroll remittances are being done accurately and on time.  No calls from CRA or WSIB and no late penalties.
  • Year end forms such as T4’s are prepared and electronically filed on your behalf
  • Record of Employments (ROE’s) also prepared for you when your nanny stops working for you.

If you are a busy professional and you are looking to use a nanny payroll tax service, you should consider a service owned and opertaed by a CPA such as Tax4Nanny.  Tax4Nanny provides these and other services for clients in  Canada. For more information about nanny tax and the online services we offer to site visitors and customers, please visit us online at our website today.


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