Nothing is more stressful than being audited by the Canadian Revenue Agency. There are many reasons why you would receive an audit. Tax4Nanny provides a comprehensive nanny tax service. Trust us to take care of your nanny taxes.

The CRA usually audits individuals who earn a very high income, earn a non-taxed income, claim very large deductions or losses, work within a specific industry that is frequently audited, report strange numbers that don’t add up, fail to report workers such as a nanny for nanny tax purposes, rent or sell property and don’t report capital gains, and much more.

Never give the CRA a reason to audit you. Report your nanny tax accurately and avoid any potential headaches. Collecting information for your nanny taxes may be time consuming and difficult, but it will save you time and money later on. If you choose to hire us, we will provide you with an organized system that will make your nanny taxes effortless.

It is important that you keep your records in order. When you choose our nanny tax service, we will need to know all the proper details, like wages earned, any deductions, whether or not your nanny lives with you or at home, whether you pay benefits, and more. Never pay your nanny under the table. This may seem like it saves you money, but if the CRA audits you, you will owe back the entire sum plus interest and they will scrutinize your account to find every penny that you owe.

Tax4Nanny offers a high quality nanny tax service for clients located in TorontoOntario, the GTA, and all of Canada. If you have any questions about our nanny tax service or nanny taxes in general, please feel free to contact us through our website today.


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