Back to school season is prime time for families hiring a nanny.

In Canada, the need for child care has grown steadily, with the rise in employment rates among women and corresponding increase in dual-income earner families. In addition to the changes in composition of Canadian families, including lone-parent and step-families, the need and type of child care requirements for families can be challenging to fulfill. The last thing they need to add to this complex process is how to handle nanny payroll and complex tax filings.

“Help! My client hired a nanny,” is a call we get often. Not because the CPA is unqualified or incompetent but because each family comes with unique payroll and tax filing needs. It can be a tedious and complex offering with little fanfare except when it’s not done properly.

Tax4Nanny is a one-stop solution that takes care of nanny and eldercare payroll and tax filings expertly, from start to finish. We are the back-pocket solution for CPA’s who want to deliver rock star level service to their clients. We include personalized updates to keep you informed of any changes to tax laws, deadlines or employment premiums to ensure you are catering to your client’s distinct needs all year round.

Still want to navigate this alone? Here are some pro tips to consider:

  • TOTAL COST TO FAMILY –Families often need to be educated on the total cost to them when they employ a nanny and how to easily relay the information to their nanny. Employer and employee deductions can be difficult to digest when most nannies main concern is their take-home pay.
  • MINISTRY OF LABOUR – Take a deep dive into the ministry of labour and instill a daily routine to visit their site for updates on minimum wage, paystubs, hours of work and approval for excess hours, overtime, vacation pay, personal emergency leave days, termination guidelines, etc., to avoid your clients having to pay penalties.
  • WORKPLACE SAFETY – Dedicate one employee to manage and maintain the workplace safety internal guide. Mandatory in most provinces for childcare over 24 hours a week, workplace safety comes with their own set of rules and regulations and reporting requirements that vary from province to province.

Of course, you may think we are a bit biased on this topic since Tax4Nanny is a one-stop shop for nanny and eldercare payroll and tax filings but that doesn’t mean the benefits aren’t authentic. Our company specializes in this area and has dedicated our focus because we experienced first-hand the strong need to stay current on the complexities involved when offering this service because of the ever-changing conditions.

The benefits of hiring Tax4Nanny to handle the intricacies of nanny and eldercare payroll and tax filings are boundless! CPA’s are always the first to sing our praises for taking this important and complex process off their hands so they can focus on more important client needs. If you have a client that employs a nanny or eldercare do yourself a favour and call us today at 647-349-6262.

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