Tax4Nanny is an excellent service for those who are tight on time or are otherwise unable to properly calculate remittances for caregiver services. I am confident that every month I have received the right information about amounts to pay my caregiver and amounts to be submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency. The information provided each month is an easy way to explain to our nanny where her money is going. I would highly recommend Tax4Nanny for anyone who is in the process of hiring a caregiver or has already hired a caregiver. It’s simple from my perspective, is cost-effective and the guidance is always very timely.

Kerri, Calgary Alberta


Tax4Nanny provides a service that is extremely helpful and hassle free. Gila is reliable, professional and always ready to answer any questions or give advice. I highly recommend Tax4Nanny.

Stephanie, Toronto Ontario


My husband and I truly appreciate you and the service your business provides. Thank goodness we found you!

Larissa, Toronto Ontario


Given the pace of life and competing priorities, I don’t have the time I need to dedicate to managing my filing requirements as an employer. Gila provides me with peace of mind – I know she has identified and on my behalf, efficiently manages my regulatory obligations. I highly recommend Tax4Nanny to any employer.

Lisa, North York Ontario


Thank you very, very much for the excellent service you provide.

Devora, Ottawa Ontario


Tax4Nanny has managed our nannies taxes thoroughly for several years and is always pro active to inform us of any tax code changes which may affect us.

Neil, Toronto Ontario


As a busy professional and mother of two, the last thing I wanted to do was spend time every month calculating deductions and filling out forms for Revenue Canada. I was so pleased to find out about the services that Tax4Nanny offers and even more pleased to work with Gila who clearly understands the demands on a working parent. She is very professional and personable, provides timely responses to all my questions and most importantly, deals with all of the paperwork that goes with hiring a live-in nanny so that I can spend my time doing what I want to do when I am at home – enjoying quality time with my family!

Carole, Calgary Alberta


You are a delight to work with and I have appreciated everything you have done for me.

Shona, Toronto Ontario


Tax4Nanny has been taking care of the taxes for our nannies since we had our first nanny. They have made our lives worry-free in this area with their knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend Tax4Nanny to anyone who has a nanny or caregiver.

Jennifer, North York Ontario